Can High Calorie Diets Assist Weight Loss or is it a Myth?

by Diets That Work on December 16, 2014

Can High Calorie Diets Really Assist Weight Loss?

For some people, weight loss can be as easy as a walk in the park. For others, it’s not nearly as simple to achieve.

There can be so much anxiety surrounding weight loss that picking a diet to enhance a fitness regimen can seem so overwhelming.

From the wide range of diets to the complexities of each one, you may be at a loss as to which one to pick.

Adding to the whole confusion are the debates about whether certain diets deliver actual results or not. One example of this is the high calorie diet:

Can high calorie diets assist weight loss or is it a myth?

A high calorie diet is defined as consuming 4,000 or more calories in a single day. It is meant to actually maintain, if not gain, weight. So why would this type of diet be associated with losing weight?

There are two types of high-calorie foods: the good and the bad. Know that calories by themselves are not bad, but the foods that supply them will differ in nutritional value.

And so you’ll have, for example, refined grains (white rice, white, bread, and cakes made with white flour) versus whole grains (brown rice, barley, rye, etc.) and they might contain the same calorie count.

But which would you bet will be better for your body, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not?

There is this school of thought on high-calorie foods actually producing thermic effect, which is the energy expended by the body to eat and process, i.e., digest and metabolize and store, food. And energy is expended by burning calories.

Foods that require more effort to chew, swallow and eat tend to burn more calories when you are digesting them. Such types of food include vegetables, nuts, and food made from whole grains, like rye bread.

Other high-calorie foods not only allow your body to expend more energy, some even give you more energy that will take you through the next meal.

This means you don’t end up eating more than your body should because the last high-calorie meal you ate is still giving you enough fuel to burn. Some types of high-calorie foods, processed ones, tend to keep you full only when you’ve had way too many of it.

Consider the Journal of the American Medical Association findings: those who are on a low-carb, high GI diet, with fiber-rich foods, showed more fat burning metabolic activity than people on a low-fat high-carb diet — with the same calorie count!

So will a high calorie diet help you lose the excess weight or is it merely a pipe dream? It will — as long as you choose the right types of food, and follow the right type of fitness routines.

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