The Fat Loss Factor



Everyone wants a flat tummy, but most people recognize that life is too short to sacrifice the foods they love in order to get one.

A new program helps women and men slim down and eliminate stubborn belly fat while still enjoying delicious foods.

fat loss factor by dr charles livingston

The Fat Loss Factor program was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, a board-certified chiropractic physician, certified wellness practitioner, certified advanced nutritionist, speaker and author who has helped thousands worldwide lose belly fat, slim down and get healthy without starving themselves.

Fat Loss Factor is especially designed for those who have struggled with excess belly fat and want to slim down but do not want to starve or sacrifice the delicious foods they love.

Millions of people try new diets each day in the hopes of losing belly fat.

These diets rarely work. Fat Loss Factor is a program that offers those frustrated with belly fat a new approach to getting rid of belly fat for good.

The Fat Loss Factor program doesn’t involve weight loss pills, gimmicky super foods like acai berry, special weight loss drops or any of the other weight loss gimmicks popularized on the internet and TV shows. Instead, system is made up of several easy-to-understand components that work.

The system teaches users the truth behind fast permanent weight loss, a system that allows users to achieve results while still enjoying their favorite foods.

The system comes with:

Liver and body cleansing videos that make it easy to lose that starter 1 to 2 inches in under a week;

Foojoo Fast Food Software that allows users to search through over 70 fast food restaurants to view Fat Loss Factor ratings for each food so they can know immediately which foods they can eat on the go and which ones they can’t (includes over 5000 different foods);

A pre-created grocery list that takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping;

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced weight loss exercises with easy instructions;

Five sample 15-minute workout routines;

A Fat Loss Factor measurements form that can be used to track progress;

A simple goal setting guide used in Dr. Charles’ clinic that offers a clear-cut roadmap to reach goals;

A food diary and exercise log designed to help users easily see what they are doing from day-to-day;

One full year of email coaching users can contact Dr. Charles any time and ask Dr. Charles whatever they want, whenever they want.

A full money back guarantee; and

Three special bonus videos, including a “What Not to Wear” video about how to dress to take 10 immediate pounds off a look; a video about how to shop for food and how to read food labels and a quick-start video that takes viewers through the Fat Loss Factor course in ten minutes, making it easy to get started.

For more information or to order the Fat Loss Factor program, go to this website:

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