How To Lose Belly Fat Without Cardio

by Diets That Work on July 23, 2016

Losing belly fat is one of the major goals of many gym subscribers.

Unfortunately, not too many people want to spend long hours at the gym or even at home, doing different cardio workout routines.

It is however possible to lose belly fat without having to slave long hours doing different cardio.

Opting to lose belly fat without endless cardio workout hours can only be possible by being determined to lose the fat and following through on the other methods for losing belly fat.

The first point of call is your diet.

It is usually said that we are what we eat and it is even important in this case when you try to lose weight without doing cardio.

You have to stay away from junk foods as much as possible.

Many experts advise that you do not indulge yourself more than once in seven days.

The right method of diet will be eating six small meals in two to three hours intervals as opposed to having the traditional three square meals in large portions.

This helps to increase the rate of metabolism in your body.

It is also important that you incorporate fat burning foods or foods that increase the body’s rate of metabolism.

These foods include chili, citrus, and garlic.

Eating the right foods is not enough to shed the unwanted fat deposit in the belly region.

You therefore need to exercise the body and as stated above, this does not necessarily have to be cardio.

Two techniques have been identified to be of great help when it comes to burning belly fat. They are interval training, in combination with resistance training.

With the combination of resistance training, interval training and eating foods that speed up metabolism in the body, you can be sure that your aim to lose belly fat is close to being achieved.

Remember to always consult a fitness expert and your physician before deciding on a particular workout.

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