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The Venus Factor Diet by John Barban- Fast Weight Loss Diet

Founded by Kyle Leon and John Barban, the Venus Factor has been making waves on the internet, as more and more people have been giving this product endorsements and testimonials.

The rise of its success can be attributed to its holistic and really serious view on diets and food hormones like leptine, and how the both of them can combine to a potent solution for your fat loss problem.

Like most diets that work out there, the thing about this Diet Solution is that it gives you a personalized diet solution that helps you lose weight and target your very own stubborn areas and tailor a fast weight loss program just for you.

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This page explains everything about The Venus Factor Diet here

Instead of looking at the entire spectrum of foods that might have metabolic booster properties, the Venus Factor is a diet that works, because it homes in on specific foods that allow you to trigger the hormones within your body and allow for the release of a specific chemical combination that will help you lose weight.

In fact, the Venus Factor is a science and a specific one that tells you just what kinds of foods get transformed into sugar, and stored energy (ergo fat) within the body, and the list of foods might actually surprise you as what you might have thought as healthy are actually not.

In fact, some fruit juices, cereals, processed food and even whole wheat bread actually contribute to the weight gain and not the weight loss.

Food with protein, milk, even butter are some of the solutions that are within the diet solution, and it tells you the portions that you need to take and the combination of foods you need to take to make this into a category of diets of work.

It dispels the myths of carb depletion, how to control and even nullify hunger pangs and even how to avoid supplementation, as everything on the Venus Factor Diet it is actually based on natural foods and ingredients that you can easily find. Here it shows you the right kinds of fat you need to eat, how to increase your metabolic rate, and of course how to personalize a diet solution for unique individuals.


Like most diets that work, the Venus Factor by John Barban is a great all in one program that dispels many of the myths about fat and carb depletion, the right kinds of foods you need to eat, takes away the tags from seemingly ‘healthy foods’ and educates you on how your body works  – all a long term solution for your own weight loss.

This page explains everything about The Venus Factor Diet here