Why Diet Fads Never Work

by Diets That Work on March 1, 2015

Get The Skinny On Why Diet Fads Never Work

A cup of tea. Some potatoes soaked in vinegar. Seltzer water. And maybe a thin slice of bread. why fad diets never work

This is reportedly what Lord Byron used to partake as a way to maintain his “pale, lean look.” He looked pale all right. But if you were to follow this type of diet today, you may find yourself in a bad mood all the time.

But Lord Byron’s diet isn’t the first and certainly not the last weird food regimen to keeping the weight off.

These days, you’ll hear about Beyonce’s cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup diet; the Blood Type Diet; the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet; the Cabbage Soup diet, and probably the most ridiculous of all fad diets, the Cotton Balls diet.

Unfortunately, the Cotton Balls diet isn’t some cool name for eating mostly soft food; some models have dipped actual cotton balls in juice as meal replacement.

The fact is that some fad diets are simply way too dangerous for your health. They sacrifice balanced nutrition in order to deliver quick weight loss, like the Cabbage Soup diet. It may make you lose weight if you go seven days just with cabbage soup. But know that it is a low in essential nutrients.

Some diets, no matter how bizarre, get popular because of the buzz surrounding them, like the Baby Food diet – eating pureed food and substituting a small jar for a meal. The diet has been linked to Jennifer Anniston, who has sworn she’s never tried it.

Eating mashed up food for breakfast, lunch and dinner may make you do one of two things: you could lose your appetite altogether or it could make you so hungry still, that you end up eating about five or six jars of mashed up food, instead of just one.

Not eating and overeating, both equally bad for your health.  And don’t forget, adults have different nutritional needs than babies, apart from more sophisticated palates.

Diet fads are also not sustainable.

Can you truly imagine yourself eating just cabbage soup or mashed up meals in little jars — for a really long time?

If a diet isn’t sustainable, you have a high likelihood of abandoning it and giving in to your cravings. If you don’t abandon it, you end up jeopardizing your health in the long run.

In addition to actually doing more harm than good, most diet fads have a tendency to set up high expectations. Claims from fad diets can go from fast weight loss to massive weight loss.

If you do not reach those dramatic results, you may feel like you’ve done something wrong or that you will like such a failure that you lose all motivation to even try another diet.

Overall, diet fads fail because they are simply quick fixes to issues that need long-term solutions. Real, effective weight loss takes time. It takes commitment. And it should also help you stay healthy.

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